HIV/AIDS: Self-stigmatisation is the major killer – APIN official

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A Non-Governmental Organisation, Association of Positive living with HIV/Aids in Nigeria( APIN) has admonished positive to avoid ‘self stigmatisation’ .

Mr Aaron Sunday, the National Coordinator of the Association,told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on in Kaduna that some people living positive were in the habit of stigmatising themselves, thereby making things difficult.

“Self-stigmatisation happens when a person takes in the negative ideas and stereotypes about people living with HIV and start to apply them to himself or herself.

“HIV internalised stigmatisation leads to feelings of shame, fear of disclosure, isolation, and despair; self-stigmatisation has over time hindered the progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS.,” he said.

According to him, self-stigmatisation affects lives of people with HIV/AIDS and thwarts prevention efforts, adding that the most striking implications of HIV self-stigmatisation include reluctance to seek /care, and unwillingness to disclose HIV status.

He encouraged them to come out of self-stigmatisation by engaging in social activities and joining a support group where they could express their views.

“l you all not to allow self-stigmatisation weigh you down;HIV does not kill; it is people who kill themselves when they allow depression to come through them,” he said.