Home Health HIV prevention pills PrEP highly effective , researchers confirm

HIV prevention pills PrEP highly effective , researchers confirm


taken to prevent HIV infection works when taken as a one-off immediately before and after a sexual encounter as well as when used long-term, medical studies presented at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam on Tuesday suggest.

The results from multiple countries confirm previous research about the high effectiveness of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) drugs.

Men who had sex with other men without the use of a condom did not contract the virus when taking the pills.

Another study showed that men carrying the HIV virus did not transmit the virus when taking daily PrEP medication.

Researchers also suggested that while there has not yet been a breakthrough in the search for a HIV vaccine, long-term studies had shown promising results.

“This is a new era in HIV prevention,” the president of the International AIDS Society and head of the conference Linda-Gail Bekker said.

Under PrEP, anti-HIV medication originally used in the treatment of infected patients is administered to healthy individuals in order to prevent infection.

The drugs prevent the virus from reproducing inside cells.

The World Health Organisation recommended PrEP since 2015.

It has since been approved in several countries around the world, among them the U.S., Canada, the EU states, Brazil, and Thailand.

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