House joins Senate in rejecting objection to Biden votes

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – The US House joined the in rejecting an objection to Arizona’s electoral votes Wednesday, an expected rebuke of Republicans’ and Trump’s efforts to overturn ’s .

The objection failed 303-121, with a much larger percentage of House Republicans voting to uphold the objection (121 voted to uphold vs 83 joining with Democrats) compared their colleagues, where only 6 out of 51 Republicans voted to uphold.

Republican and Democrats clap while House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy commends Capitol Police and law enforcement for their work after rioters supporting breached the US Capitol [Erin Schaff/Pool via Reuters]
The House and will return to a joint session to continue tallying each state’s certified electoral votes, eventually culminating in the affirmation of Biden’s election as president and as vice president.

Prior to the day’s riots at the Capitol, Republicans had discussed objecting to several states’ electoral votes. It is unclear if they will stick to those plans, which will result in just delaying the inevitable certification of the 2020 election . (Aljazeera).

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