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How Basketmouth Is Against My Growth In Industry – Comedian Destalker


In a recent episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast co-hosted by Nedu, stand-up comedian Destalker, whose real name is Oghenekowhoyan Onaibe Desmond, has accused senior comedians Basketmouth and Gordons of hindering his growth in the comedy industry.

Destalker revealed that his name was intentionally excluded by potential sponsors in the past, with some citing his senior colleagues as the reason.

Despite winning the title of Best Comedian for five consecutive years, he struggled to secure sponsors for his shows, leaving him baffled.

He went on to share his frustration, saying,

“How can I win the Best Comedian award five times, organize shows, and still struggle to find sponsors? I wrote proposals, and some companies were interested, but they insisted on consulting my senior colleagues. That’s the issue.”

Destalker also alleged that he was approached by someone who questioned his relationship with Basketmouth and suggested he should seek reconciliation.

In response to rumors of using supernatural means for success, he stated, “When Akpororo was gaining popularity, I thought he was using something. Everyone aspires to succeed, but some people’s dreams are to ensure you don’t.”

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