How China captures fleeing ‘corrupt’ officials

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BEIJING – A Chinese anti-corruption body has revealed how it brings officials hiding in Western countries back to China even in absence of extradition treaties, reports said Thursday.

China sends agents abroad to contact fugitives and try to persuade them to return in some cases.
In cases it provides evidence of criminal activities to host countries to repatriate them for breaches of immigration law, a local medium said, citing a Tuesday report from the Chinese Communist Party’s internal watchdog.

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The report posted on the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) also revealed methods it uses to repatriate officials’ ill-gotten loot.

Theses include negotiating deals with local law enforcement, pursuing local civil litigation or reaching settlements directly with the suspect or suspect’s family.

These efforts are led by the Fugitive Repatriation and Asset Recovery Office.
The report said it involves officials from the judiciary, the ministries of public security, state security and justice, the Foreign Ministry, and the People’s Bank of China.
China’s ongoing campaign to reduce corruption targets thousands of officials who have fled overseas during the past decades.
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The Chinese Academy of Sciences estimates that 16,000 to 18,000 former officials have fled with 800 Yuan, approximately 140 billion dollars from the mid-1990s to 2008. (dpa/NAN)