How Ghanaian Shatta Bandle Fooled Nigerians To Believe He’s Richer Than Dangote

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The internet nowadays is full of deceit and trick which makes the less fall for it.

About this post, Shatta Bandle who is an internet sensational for now after fooling lots of crowd to fall for him in a dramatic way.

In time to come into limelight, Shatta Bandle tricked us all to be richer than Dangote.

What! Dangote? Yes Dangote.

Imagine you waking up and seeing someone tell you he’s richer than Dangote with no trace of weath or success.

So so strange.

Come to think of it, there’s a big difference between riches and wealth.

Shatta Bandle whose real name is Iddrisu Firdaus an actor who comes from the northern part of Ghana.

From his name, it shows that Shatta Bandle is a Muslim which nobody ever thinks about or know of it.

According to my findings and research, Shatta Bandle as popular he is have no formal education, instead he speaks his mother language.

As it says, “Audio Money”, he was featured in a music video by Rudeboy in 2019 titled “Audio Money”.

Shatta Bandle in 2019 became very known in Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana.

He is currently one of the newest internet sensations in Ghana after a video of him claiming to be richer than the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote started circulating. He had no formal education. He speaks Dagbani, his mother’s tongue language.

His fame got him talked about by the famous people in Nigeria, Ghana, and across Africa.

So far, in my own opinion, Iddrisu ‘Shatta Bandle ‘ Firdaus tricked us all to be famous and popular.

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