How I Escaped Assassination Attempt By Fulani Herdsmen In Oyo — Man Tells His Story

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Gabriel Ogunlana, a native of Oyo State, has told story of how he escaped an attempt by in Eruwa part of State.

Ogunlana told SaharaReporters that he would have been , but for courage, he had to drive past while they were at his vehicle by heavily-armed Fulani .

He said he driving along Eruwa-Ibadan Road evening when he almost by .

He said: “ escaped a kidnapping along Eruwa-Ibadan Road. When first heard a gunshot, thought it my tyre that deflated but I didn’t , only to set my eyes three of them firing at me and my car. I could see five fully armed Fulani the road.

“My car was shot at repeatedly. Bullets damaged my tyres and pierced the gearbox of my car.”

According to him, the attackers were of Fulani extraction, adding that there is a Fulani settlement along that road.

He also said Fulani a wealthy man on the road for refusing to follow them after he was attacked.

“There is a popular market on the road between Ibadan and Eruwa. The name of that market is Okolo market. Okolo market is just eight kilometres away from Eruwa.

“There is a Fulani market called Kara market, it is about four kilometres away from Okolo. Between Okolo and Kara market is a place called Tipala. Tipala is about minutes drive to Kara market.

“A few days ago, Fulani attacked another person on the same road. The person was reported to be rich and the person was killed by the Fulani upon his refusal to follow them,” Ogunlana said.