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How I fell In Love With Spiritual Husband Lady Narrates


My name is Kate My life was normal until i met this boy who promised me heaven and earth that he will do everything for me he was so good to me he never failed me. He pets me as if am a toy.

The worst part is i lost my self and my virginity with him, all my love and trust is in him we use to play together, go to the beach and go to the movies together, we talk on phone every minute..

But suddenly i dont really know what happened he start to give me some atitude he hardly call my phone even when i call him he will complain he is busy, at that point i began to think something is wrong somewhere.

I try to ask him what is the problem let me apologise but he did not get that time for me anymore. Until the day he called me in the midnight and tell me He cant contniue this relationship anymore.. although i already noticed this might be his plan from that night i called him several times he did not pick my call after a week i called and a lady picked and shuned me never to call the number again.

My heart was broken the first time i can not hold it and i can not go ahead with another boy, My heart is filled with Anger my life was all lonely but after months i started having feeling for Sex i dont have any boy friend anymore and i dont want to have anyone, the urge was too much for me so i start to touch my self in the private area i enjoy having Sex by my self until i start seen my self in the dream sleeping with an Unknown man it looks like real i enjoyed it, i start the habbit spending time to sleep and immediately i close my eyes a boy will come and sit beside me i feel so safe in the dream with him.

Now i want to get married but he warned me never to try getting married the i will die on delivery bed.

I want to be delivered from this Spiritual boyfriend Help me.

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