How Lotto Nigeria Affiliate Programme Made Kunle a Millionaire Within Three Weeks

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There are lots to gain in this 21st century with the use of your internet and smartphone, be it at the comfort of your home or anywhere you are.

Kunle is a young graduate hustling to get a white collar job. He applied in so many organisations. His was rejected because they were asking for three years experience. This made him give up job hunting.

As a social media savvy, Kunle was always the internet to know what is trending, which means all he does is to buy data and catch cruise on the internet and to him busy whilst having fun.

25th of July 2021, Kunle came across a GG Lotto Nigeria affiliate program advert on Facebook. GG Lotto Nigeria affiliate program is something you can do anywhere, anytime with your smartphone. He gave it a trial by registering, after that, a referral link was created for him.

As a social media savvy, he started using social media handles including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and to talk about the GG Lotto Nigeria affiliate program. He also introduced the games to people, sports bettors and those who like gambling. He makes 25% whenever any of his referrers buys a ticket and plays any game.

Also he registered others that wanted to join GG Lotto Nigeria affiliate program using his referral link and also getting special bonuses for registering them.

With his numerous social media followers, he was able to get people registered. As they were buying tickets, playing and winning cash prizes, Kunle was cashing out 24% of the value of tickets steadily.

It was surprising to see the jobless Kunle who made N1, 150, 000 within a short time. He no longer depends his parents for monthly stipends.

The last time I saw him, he even told me he wants to combine the sub-agent (offline) sales of tickets with the online affiliate to boost his income from the sales of tickets. He has started building two kiosks to be located around his residence.

Making his own money is something he has been looking forward to. He took the Lotto Nigeria affiliate program as a once in a lifetime opportunity, which is flexible.
This opportunity to become an e-agent or affiliate is still available., You can tap into it today.

To become an affiliate, go to
Register and wait for your account to be activated. You can talk to a super admin this platform to fast-track your account activation