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How movie producer held knife to my neck, asked me to strip – Actress Nora Okere

Nollywood Actress, Steph Nora Okere, has revealed how a foremost producer in the movie industry once held knife to her neck and told her to strip.

When asked if she has ever experienced sexual harassment before in Nollywood, Okere, who is one of the first actresses in the Nigerian movies space, told BroadwayTV that she has indeed been harassed by a producer.

According to Okere, “Yes I had. And that is one of the things that made me to set up my NGO. If I say didn’t then I will be lying. Maybe over the years I held it back.

“Yes I tried not to talk about it because my family said ‘let it go, let it pass.’ I was harassed by a foremost producer who actually put a knife to my neck and asked me to strip.

“It’s a story for another day. I went through that and actually left Nollywood at the point because when that happened my family said that was enough for acting.

“My family never supported me having acting as a full time job but when I started doing well and they started seeing me on TV, they started loving it until the producer guy did what he did and they said ‘that was enough of acting.’

“So I stopped Nollywwod for two whole years. I stopped going for auditions and started applying for bank jobs.”

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