How Nollywood actor stabbed co-tenant to death over electricity bill dispute

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Oladotun and Tayo

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Temitayo Phillips Ogunbusola, a Nollywood actor, is currently cooling his heels behind bars at a police station in Lagos, after reportedly fatally stabbing his neighbour, Oladotun Johnson Opeyemi, over a dispute regarding electricity bill.

The incident, which was said to have occurred on Saturday May 17, 2020 at No. 4, Sebil Kazeem, Cele-Igbe, Ikotun, Lagos, where the deceased and the actor live, led to the police arresting and whisking the suspect away.

Banjo Lateef, a fellow neighbor, who gave details of the incident, said: “I’m in charge of PHCN bill for the compound and I shared the bill for April to everyone in the house and we agreed that we were going to deposit some money to avoid being disconnected.

“Temi was owing N21,500 and the neighbors suggested that his light be cut off, but I pleaded that they should allow me talk to him to see if he would deposit some money. I went to his apartment with another tenant, Ola, and knocked twice on his door. Temi came out in anger and bashed us for knocking on his door. He said, ‘Are you mad? Are you crazy? Are you a police officer?”

This angry reply was said to have incensed the other tenants and a heated argument ensued, which later degenerated, with the actor becoming physical, as he was said to have threatened to kill Lateef for daring to disturb him.

The rest of the narrative continued, thus:

This was the said undertaken written at the police station, where the suspect reportedly pledged not to harm any member of the Banjo family or any other tenant in the compound.


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