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How Polytechnic Ibadan Delays Students’ Transcripts Years After Graduation – Victim Speaks Up


According to a report by SaharaReporters, a graduate of The Polytechnic Ibadan, in the Oyo State capital, has lamented the failure of the institution’s authorities to provide his academic transcripts for the past two years since he finished his Higher National Diploma.

The man, who finished from one of the Engineering departments preferred not to disclose his identity and the specific course in Engineering, said the school has been battling with “this failure” for years.

The source who graduated in 2019 revealed that many graduates of the school could not proceed to pursue other academic programmes in other schools when there were no transcripts to tender.

In an interview with SaharaReporters on Wednesday, he noted that he was already having difficulty in his place of work over the transcript.

“I want to bring to your notice the irregularities and some of the discrepancies of fraud that are happening in the Polytechnic Ibadan. If someone graduates from the Polytechnic Ibadan, students cannot boast of getting transcripts for further studies to any place or even get their certificate and yet the student has graduated.

“Even I, as a graduate of the school, have been battling with getting my results and transcripts and all the school management has been telling me, is the server is down which is over a month now.”

Speaking about the damages this has done, he said, “A lot of us are kept from advancing our studies and I think it’s high time the management looked into it.

“I’ve been trying to get mine and it has not been successful and also exorbitant prices of certificate and transcripts compared to other schools.”

He spoke further on excessive fees demanded from the graduates to get certificate and transcript, which left them with no choice but to pay and still not readily available.

“It’s N25,000 for the certificate, and that also depends on the officer in charge. For the transcript, the fee is not stable but I can assure you from someone that paid recently that it was N20,000. The issue is that they are not readily available when needed. The Polytechnic Ibadan is slow in its operations and processing of students’ credentials,” he said.

He said he got his (Ordinary) National Diploma transcript this year which was four years after the academic programme.

“I got my transcript for ND when I finished my HND, which I got early this year. That was four good years. I finished my HND in 2019 and I have not been able to get my transcript. I’ve tried all normal routes to go but still came to futility.

“Even our lecturers try their best in following the steps to where the results are processed. They would tell us that those who graduated before us are still on the same issue so there is something wrong with the system.

“They said they are fixing the server of the school. There was a time I had issues with my registration during my HND programme. There were irregularities with my personal details and it took a whole lot of time for them to fix them. The school contracted the ICT out, and this is where the bulk of the issue lies. So, I think the school doesn’t have control of the database,” he added.


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