How To Be A Lady 101, By Karen Igho

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By Pulse

Karen Igho, winner the Big Brother game show, is surely exploring avenues and as things go, she may soon become an author. The model, and singer, has been very busy and has some tips for her women folks on how to be a lady. She tagged them: “How to be a lady 101 by Karen Igho.”

Karen’s tips are:

-A lady doesn’t kiss and tell

-A lady does nag

-A lady doesn’t brag

-A lady never reveals her age

-A lady does smack her gum

-When a lady is unsure how to dress to a particular occasion, she asks her host

-A lady knows trends come and go, while true style is timeless

-A lady never ask someone if she looks fat something

-If a lady expects her legs to be seen, she either shaves her legs or wears hose

-A lady knows her posture is important as any article clothing on her back