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Husband Turns Himself Into ‘Human Chair’ For His Heavily Pregnant Wife (Photos+Video)

Man turns himself into a human chair for his pregnant wife

A husband in China has touched the hearts of millions after letting his heavily pregnant wife sit on his back when she was waiting to see her doctor at a hospital,

 A trending video released by police shows the mother-to-be with a bulging belly appearing tired and struggling to stand due to numbing legs outside a consultation room. 

Her partner then sat down on the floor and gestured her to lean against him after none of the people sitting in the corridor offered their seats to her. The expectant mother sat on her husband’s back after he told her to while holding onto a railing on the wall. 

The caring man then passed a water bottle to his wife to make sure that she would not be thirsty during the lengthy waiting period.  The heart-warming clip was shared by the police of Hegang, a city in the province of Heilongjiang in north-eastern China.

 It was posted onto Hegang police’s official account on short-video app Douyin on Sunday and has so far been liked seven million times. In a post accompanying the video, the police criticised the onlookers, most of whom were staring at their phones. They said that the clip should be titled ‘indifference’. 

The police then prompted viewers to give Kudos to the ‘good husband’, and many followers did so. One such comment on Douyin read: ‘A good man and good husband from China.’


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