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Hushpuppi: How Blac Chyna Allegedly Helped FBI Catch Suspected Fraudster


A shocking discovery has revealed that suspected fraudster, Hushpuppi was caught by the FBI with the help of American model and entrepreneur, Blac Chyna.

This is coming days after US agents discovered that Hushpuppi had links with North Korean hackers, he allegedly helped to launder funds to the tune of $1.3 billion.

He is now being accused of helping three North Korean computer hackers steal the funds from companies and banks, including one in Malta, in February 2019, according to the Justice Department.

Last July, the Hushpuppi was arrested in still another, separate case.

He was extradited from Dubai to the U.S. where he was charged with “laundering hundreds of millions of dollars from business email compromise (BEC) frauds and other scams, including schemes targeting a US law firm, a foreign bank and an English Premier League soccer club,” according to the Justice Department.

Apparently, all of his woes would have been avoided if he had chosen to stay low rather than show off his extravagant lifestyle.

New details suggesed that it was his dinner with American socialite, Blac Chyna, that led to his downfall, according to Black Sports Online.

Well, not the dinner itself, but the fact that he posted it on his Instagram which exposed him to the FBI.


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