“I Am A Fulani Man But It Makes No Sense For Cows To Be Roaming The Streets In 2021” – Presidential Aspirant, Adamu Garba

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former presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba has given his cents on issue country.

He tweeted: “I’m a man, but I can tell you it doesn’t sense for cows be roaming streets 2021. Cows be ranched on a land acquired or rented by ranchers. By , land can only be used through rent or purchase. Govt step forward & clear this out.

“I believe, reconcile the raging herders crisis is proper communication where each knows the laws the land. All lands Nigeria, including forests belongs some entity, FG, SGs, LGs, Company’s or individuals. Thus land can be used without proper authorization.

“The problem the herders is a betrayal from the Fulanis, who decided, after moving to cities, acquiring wealth & power, but forget to carry the village brothers along, leaving them in a desperate situation. The rich Fulanis must come together & ranching lands.

“Land issue is as old as humanity, any state power can give land to anyone where the land is been identified with owners for generations, without purchasing or renting. The rich ’s must come together & assist our fellow brothers to reaching land or forest for .

“Lack of proper communication to the herders in understanding the of land use, by bringing the surrounding communities onboard isn’t good enough. It well be a breeding ground for a circlical conflicts, a very ripe situation for civil war. This must be avoided AT ALL COST.”