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I am not a Perfect Person, I am a Bloody Sinner but My Reliance on Allah Is a hundred percent- Asari Dokubo


ABUJA- In a recent live video, Asari Dokubo, the former leader of the Niger Delta militants, opened up about his beliefs and convictions. He claimed that he is a sinner and not a perfect person but his reliance on Allah is 100%.

Dokubo emphasized the significance of establishing a strong bond with Allah, highlighting that without this connection, all endeavors in this world are in vain. He shared how his unshakable relationship with his God has been his anchor through life’s challenges, even helping him overcome health issues like tumors.

In his candid statement, Dokubo expressed a sense of tranquility in the face of turmoil, contrasting his inner peace with the worries that afflict others. He attributed this peace to his unwavering reliance on Allah, which keeps him steady in times of uncertainty.

Acknowledging his imperfections, Dokubo admitted to being a “bloody sinner.” However, he found solace in his absolute trust in Allah. This deep faith, he claimed, has been instrumental in his ability to navigate the complexities of life and seek personal improvement.

With a voice of conviction, Dokubo urged others to recognize the paramount importance of establishing a connection with a higher power. He believed that his dedication to Allah has been the driving force behind his resilience and strength, shaping his outlook on life and guiding him toward growth and enlightenment.

He said in full, “If you don’t establish your relationship with Allah, everything you are doing in this world is a waste. I survived all the turmoils, and everything in this world because I know my relationship with my God. When people are bordered, I am not bordered because my relationship with my God is solid.

“I am not a perfect person; I am a bloody sinner, but I know that my reliance on Allah is 100%. I try to improve my knowledge.”

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