I Arrived Late For First Meeting With Femi Otedola As His Daughter’s Boyfriend – Mr Eazi Speaks Up

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Mr Eazi, the popular singer, has revealed he late to his first with Femi Otedola where he to introduce himself as his daughter’ boyfriend.

This made known a podcast released on day by the lovers have been dating for four years.

According to Mr Eazi, Femi Otedola had to comment about his lateness.

He said, “One thing I can definitely remember was my hair was pink or purple, and to be honest, at the , I only had tracksuits and we were going somewhere. So, I remember I got pants and a shirt, and I had these Gucci shoes. I probably never wore them again after day.

“For me, I actually thought it was a big deal him because it was the first and we were having dinner at a nice place. is one of the few times where I have respected dress codes to go to a restaurant. I just wanted it to be smooth and cool. I think I was there a little bit late and your dad mentioned it.”

Speaking about that day, Temi noted that she had to keep her father calm and kept telling him that Mr Eazi was stuck somewhere close.

“I had to tell my dad that you were around the corner and there was . I was stalling and wondering why you were late. For me, that was a big night.”

the podcast, Temi noted that her sister, DJ Cuppy, told her that if her does work with Mr Eazi, she would continue to maintain a working with the singer.