“I Don’t Visit Abuja For Solution, I Do My Job In Kogi” – Yahaya Bello Rveals How He Tackles Insecurity

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Governor Yahaya Bello has revealed how he tackles insecurity in state.

Speaking during an interview on Channels Television on , February 18, Bello averred that he acts on information he receives and does not pay lip service them.

He Said;

Police that are in country today are same in State. Army in country are same in State. All the law enforcement agencies we have in the country today are exactly what I have in State.

“So, when they provide such information, we act on , we don’t pay lip service, we don’t pass buck, we don’t visit Abuja for solutions at all times. I don’t think there is any day I have ever visited Abuja for any solution. What I do is sit down here and do job.”

Bello who also stated that there is a need for collaborate and implement policies that put an end the farmers-herders crisis affecting parts of the country, also disclosed that stakeholders in state collaborate to analyse intelligence to forestall the breakdown of law and order.

He Added;

“We are corroborating, the commissioner of police, director (of) , Army commander, naval commander, civil defense commander, we are corroborating and they are relating very well the citizens, they connected to the people and leadership at all levels are doing their best starting the community leaders, ward leaders, the local government chairmen, and leaders, youth leaders, market leaders, farmers and what have you. We are corroborating very well.”