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I made more money from gospel music – Kcee



Singer Kcee, whose real name is Kingsley Okonkwo, revealed in an interview with Cool FM, Lagos on Monday, that he has earned more money from gospel music than any other genre throughout his career.

He specifically highlighted his gospel album titled ‘Cultural Praise,’ which was a collaboration with the Okwesili Eze Group and released in 2021, as his most streamed and financially successful record to date.

Kcee addressed the initial skepticism he faced when he decided to venture into gospel music.

Many people doubted his choice and speculated that he was regressing by taking his music back to his village.

However, those doubts were proven wrong as the album turned out to be a lucrative venture for him.

He stated that the album generated substantial revenue, surpassing any other project he had undertaken before.

Expressing his confidence in the financial potential of the song even before its release, Kcee explained that he had anticipated its success and had to stand firm against those who doubted its viability.

Some individuals questioned the decision to release a song that spanned 10 minutes, believing that the younger generation lacked the patience to appreciate such a lengthy track.

However, Kcee’s faith in the project paid off as ‘Cultural Praise’ became his most streamed album to date, solidifying its financial success.

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