I will deliver efficient public service – new Head of Service

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– The Head of Civil Service of the (HOCSF), Mr Danladi Kifasi, on Monday said he would  focus on building organisational efficiency and professionalism to achieve efficient service.

Kifasi, appointed as the HOCSF on Aug. 13, said this in while taking over predecessor  Alhaji Bukar Aji, in .

“I will focus on building effective structure geared towards achieving organisational efficiency and the attainment of professionalism will lead to a result-oriented civil service,” he said.

Kifasi said the civil service remained the most vital institution for the government to deliver its and programmes to the citizenry.

“The civil service must continually evolve ideas and innovations to make itself relevant to the government and citizens to whom renders service.

is incumbent on all of , therefore, to continue even more vigorously, our ongoing efforts to restore public trust in the public service as a professional, efficient, performing and accountable institution.”

Kifasi said the major challenges facing the civil service include insufficient research and low information technology capacity, inadequate communication skills and lack of .

He said the survival of the civil service was dependent on overcoming those challenges. [eap_ad_1] He said agenda as the HOSCF envisaged a world class and -based public service, which delivered on government and programmes with excellence, discipline and professionalism.

“In line with this aspiration, I shall endeavor during my tenure, to build on the gains of recent reforms and strive to reposition the service.

“ As we strive for service excellence, we must continue to imbibe best practices of good governance, transparency and accountability.”

Kifasi reaffirmed commitment to the implementation of the strategic priorities of the ongoing Public Service Reforms, which include the elimination of corruption through enhanced transparency in the conduct of governance.

“This requires change; a change in the curriculum, a change in training and a change in critical thinking of as well as in government procedures and priorities,” he said.

He said the vision required the collective support and cooperation of and called on to stand up for the country by demonstrating commitment, loyalty and patriotism.

The outgoing HOCSF, Alhaji Bukar Aji, said building and rebuilding the public service could be done by individual, adding was a collective responsibility.

Aji called on to support the head of service to achieve his dream of moving the service forward. (NAN)