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I will Marry Again- Joy Anyim

After two unsuccessful marriages, Nollywood screen dive, Joy Anyim, has expressed optimism that she will remarry again even though she said that she has been unlucky with marriage.In a chat recently, the 29 years old actress said she was 22 when she got married and divorced in 2013 due to domestic violence.
“Yes, I have, I have been very unlucky with marriages but that doesn’t mean I have given up on marriage. I will still get married but for now, I think I need a long break from the drama it carries. I will be 29 years old very soon and I’ve been married twice and divorced too, people saw it as crazy and a lot of mouths opened to call me names but if any of those marriages took my life, I believe same people would ask why didn’t she just leave? Well, I am not a Hypocrite, it’s not that I wouldn’t have spoken about this marriage issue long ago, I had a lot of writers’ inbox me to hear my side of the story but I told them off” On why she choose to open up on her failed marriages she said, “I remember every day I woke up, I will tell myself, Joy, it is you that matters forget about what people say but on the second thought internet never dies.
So for tomorrow sake let me bring you into my marriages story, I was 22yrs when I had my first marriage but it wasn’t for long, I suffered from domestic violence and not being able to conceive made matters worse. We grow out of what brought us together and we decided to part ways 2013” “In 2014, I decided to give it another try and this time I entered into a man who is a womanizer. A man that will be bringing women into our matrimonial home, a man that is powerful in preaching Bible but his life was the opposite” According to her, the most annoying part of her second marriage that produced a girl child was the fact that her husband was having an affair with her friend.
“I was breastfeeding my daughter when my said husband came up with a story of infidelity, and that he needs separation, I got saved from the court. Little did I know that someone I called my friend was also sleeping with my husband and has gone extra miles to pin him down. I got to know about this, and I was advised by my lawyers not to accept separation from him rather I should file a divorce while I followed the advice. Marriage was not made from heaven but it was made by God to be beautiful and anything apart from that I will not be a part of” she concluded.

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