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Ibadan Cocoa House and Nigeria’s Painful Retrogression


By Mbe Nwaniga

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) Have you been to Ibadan before?The tallest building there was commissioned in 1965.It is 26 storeys high.It is still the tallest building in Ibadan till today.
The same year Dublin in Ireland commissioned the 15 storey high Liberty Hall as it’s tallest building.It is now the third tallest building in Dublin amid an awesome skyline.
Dubai also commissioned its first asphalt airport runway in the same year.Look at the same international airport today.
The tallest building in the city at the time was a one storey tower.
Sheikh Rashid Building in Dubai was commissioned much later in 1978 and became the tallest building in Dubai.It was 15 storeys high.Now they have a 209 storey Burj Khalifa.It is the tallest in the whole world.

Take some time and and check the skyline of this three cities and see the difference between Ibadan, Dublin and Dubai today.

You can choose another topic like education and compare the three cities progress.Children of Ibadan parents who attended free primary education are now running to Dublin to look after aging Dubliners who were too poor to afford education.Compare Ibadan with Dubai on your own.

What went wrong?What happened to Ibadan?Why has the city retrogressed instead of growing faster than Dublin and Dubai as it used to?
Choose any other Nigerian city and compare it with foreign cities it used to be a lot better than.

Our history is supposed to pinpoint where we made mistakes or got it right not make us shy,angry and combative.The day we understand and value our accurate history is the day we have found the solutions to all of Nigeria’s problems.

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