Ibrahimovic denies racism slur against Lukaku

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic has denied using racist language in his clash with Romelu Lukaku in Milan derby on night.

AC Milan forward Ibrahimovic and Inter striker Lukaku were involved in a number of incidents on pitch – before Ibrahimovic eventually sent .Inter won 2-1 thanks to a late goal from Eriksen.

“In Zlatan’ world there is no place for racism,” Swede tweeted

However he then added an apparent dig at his Manchester teammate by adding: “We are all the same – we are all equal !! We are all players some better than others.”

Meanwhile, Paul Pogba rushed to the defence of his Manchester teammate after the row with Romelu Lukaku.

“Zlatan… racist?” wrote Pogba on Twitter.“He loves me too much so he’ the last person I’d think of as racist! Come on, don’t joke with that one!”

The contents of the argument were analysed in the based on the footage, and Ibrahimovic came for telling Lukaku to ‘call your mother and do that voodoo ****.’

This called racist by some, but Ibrahimovic referencing a specific quote from a majority shareholder at Everton, who claimed Lukaku had turned down a new contract after a message from his mother who had visited a voodoo practitioner.

Lukaku has always denied this story and even threatened to sue, but it in the headlines and Ibrahimovic evidently read it.