Ikeja Electric introduces whistleblower on energy theft

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Ikeja Electric Plc has introduced incentives for exposure of energy thieves within its network.

For established cases of energy theft, the whistleblower will be rewarded from the reconnection penalty paid by the culprit in accordance with the fees stipulated in the Order Unauthorized Access to Electricity Supply, Meter Tampering and Bypass for non-maximum demand and maximum demand customers.

Where the culprit is a non-Maximum Demand customer, the whistleblower receives to 10 percent of the reconnection penalty paid by the culprit while in a case that involves a Maximum Demand offender, the whistleblower receives up to 5 percent of the reconnection /penalty paid by the culprit.

Whistle-blowers will only be rewarded after the culprit has made full payment of the fees. However, where the report is made in the name of multiple individuals, only one whistleblower per case will be rewarded, Head, Corporate Communications, Felix Ofulue said.