I’m a mother, cook, caring, shy and no-nonsense person, says Nollywood actress Adunni Ade

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In this latest interview Adunni Ade about her career, motherhood, modelling and her deep passion for .

Who Is Adunni? I don’t like talking about myself, when you ask me “Who is Adunni?” I’m just Adunni, I’m a mother of two . That’s what I do daily, my two kids are my life. I’m simple, easy going, I like have fun, I’m just me.

Tell Us About Your Career?

I have done a bunch of movies, just returned from Ibadan where we were shooting ‘Headgone’, I’ll be going for something else tomorrow in Ekiti to shoot a Yoruba movie. Apart from acting, I’m a model, I have also done some music videos.

How Did You Get Your Break In The Movie Industry?

Right from a tender age, I have always been drawn to the entertainment world. I am an actress, but deep down, I love music. When I left Nigeria years ago to the of Kentucky, I was always excited whenever I saw an African, double excited when I saw a Nigerian and triple excited when I knew they spoke Yoruba, it just came from nowhere and I started acting funny ( like I’m so happy to see my ). When I relocated to Maryland, I carried over the same act and a friend of mine found me funny and gave me the idea of posting funny videos online. I was nervous at first because I don’t like to be judged, I love to please everyone. I was courageous enough and posted the video and from there Saide Balogun contacted me and I featured in a Yoruba movie, ” You or I”, last year. I went back to the States and relocated back to Nigeria in November 2013. Since then I have been working hard for everything that has come my way.

What Is The Worst Thing You Have Heard About Yourself?

Some people judge me on my looks, some have negative comments to make, some people judge me on my skin saying that I bleach but I don’t even use lotion because it is too hot in Nigeria and heat and I do mix. My mother is white and part German and my father is Nigerian, so, I’m gonna look like this. This is my natural colour, no bleaching. People can criticize saying ” My colour favours me”, that gets under my skin sometimes, because it has never favoured me. I could be this complexion with a nasty attitude and nobody will give a damn about me. I am who I am, I respect people, do what I have to do and keep moving.

How Does Adunni Spend Her Free Time?

I really do not have a free time. I spend time with my children, my children are with me. I’m always hustling, trying to get more things done and stay relevant. I don’t like to sit at one place.

Most Embarrassing Thing You Have Ever Done?

Oh my God! Nothing that I can think of because I’m always very careful, I have the mentality of always watching what I do and my surroundings and before I do anything, I must have given it a thought.

Tell Us Five Things Your Fan Do Not Know About You

I am a mother. I can cook, I am a caring person, I am a no-nonsense person, I am a shy person. People misunderstand my expressions. When you see me from afar, I tend to look very hard, it is not me being stuck , it is just a way to protect myself. I get nervous meeting new people because the more people you meet, the more negative things, the more trouble, people will always fail you but once you get to know me, we are best of buddies and I love to make people laugh.

What Advice Do You Have For Upcoming Artists?

Don’t do things for the wrong reason, don’t do it for the fame, do it because you are passionate about it. Stay prayerful , stay positive and faithful. Don’t sit around and wait for things to come to you, go get it. I’m a fan of people who worked tail to get where they are, there are quite a few people in the industry that I respect a lot, not because of their talent but because of how much energy and blood sweat they have put in to get to where they are.
Just stay prayerful, courageous. I really want to thank everybody for their support and love. God bless everybody and I pray that as you wish well for me, the Lord Almighty will do better things in everyone’s life. (Pulse)