I’m God instrument, Diri reacts to Appeal Court victory

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Bayelsa Governor Douye Diri has attributed his Friday’s of Appeal victory to God, saying anybody fighting the system is fighting God.

He spoke in Government House after the Appellate Court sitting in Abuja set aside the judgment of the , which nullified his election as governor.


A majority judgment in the Tribunal had ruled in favour of the ANDP based on the alleged exclusion of the party from the November 16, .

But addressing his jubilant aides who thronged his office to celebrate his victory at the court, Diri said: “The governor of Bayelsa is God Himself.


“I am just an instrument God is using to usher Bayelsa to the path of prosperity hence, if you are fighting the system, you are fighting God Himself.”

The Governor again extended his olive branch to every Bayelsa resident, them to drop political biasness and divisive tendencies of the past that had slowed down their development as a state.

He said since the Appeal Court had given the true position of the law, every person using to fighting the divine mandate of God for Bayelsans should put a full stop to it.


The Governor also commended the judiciary for upholding the law, saying it remained the bastion, the place where the common man could go and have justice.

He stated: “But let me use this medium to acknowledge the Judiciary and the Judges, the five wise men for upholding the law.

“For us, it only gives us the hope that the Judiciary still remains the bastion, the place where the common man can go and have justice.

“We do not have power, we do not control anything, we only hope on God, hold on the judiciary and they have proven themselves today.

“I want to thank them, congratulate them and to request them, to continue to uphold the law, the oath they have taken to do justice to all manners of men.

“So, I thank them for being upright, thank them for doing justice and I believe that will applaud this judgment as sound as it is.”

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