“I’m Ready To Face Firing Squad If I Don’t Deliver As President Of Nigeria” ― Doyin Okupe

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Former Presidential aide, Dr Doyin Okupe has said that he will be ready to face firing squad if he does not deliver as President of Nigeria.

Okupe who disclosed that he will run for presidency 2023 if the security situation in the country does not change in an with Vanguard, also claimed that he has the master plan for the security situation in the country.

The former Presidential spokesperson who lamented that the activities of bandits are running education system the North aground, further averred that technology be deployed to wipe the criminals.

He Said;

“No president has ever given a detailed explanation of how they intend to tackle insecurity, improve the economy is this country. They always don’t give a blueprint.

“I have a masterplan to eradicate insecurity, particularly the activities of banditry. If the situation continues the same way, I am going to run for presidency.

“I am ready to face firing squad if I don’t deliver as President of Nigeria.”

Explaining the odds running for the presidency, Okupe also stated that Nigerian political space has been riddled with religious, ethnic and zoning biases.

He Said;

“If all I am seeing is not handled better and properly too, I am telling you I am stepping for presidency come 2023.

“If I have way, I want to be a political coach (not a godfather). Mentor people and teach them what they know before venturing into politics.

“I have been to the height of it all, we need to do things differently.”