Imam counsels new ministers on growing Nigeria’s economy

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- Chief Imam Ifako Ijaiye Central Mosque in , Sheik Ridwan Raji, on Friday called on new ministers to work in synergy towards growing .

Raji told News Agency Nigeria (NAN) that synergy in actions ministers and would go a long way towards eliminating and facilitating speedy development.


“My advice for them is that they should fear God in all what they would be doing.

“And I would implore them to work hand in hand with President because I think he has a very good objective for this country.

“And if ministers should be able to work hand-in-hand with president, I think change we are all talking about would come to our doors.

“They can really partner with the president if they begin right from inside their house.

“They should fight themselves against , fight their hearts, free their own mind at the same time before they could fight the with the .
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“Let them discharge diligently their duties; let them believe they are going there to work.

“They should not have the mind going into government to embezzle the resources Nigeria.

“What is being allocated to their parastatals, they should be able to discharge it.

“They should not be eyeing petroleum, let them put money in other resources so that Nigeria would grow than this.’’