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ABUJA – Barnabas Imenger, General of Lobi Stars Football Club, said Aminu Maigari’s impeachment Thursday as chairman of Nigeria Football () was good for Nigerian football.

Imenger told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that Nigerian football would turn a new face with removal of corrupt people football administration.

“This is good for Nigerian football, because all corrupt and bad football managers should be flushed of Nigerian football.[eap_ad_1]

“If all against him are true, then there is no hope for him to be reinstated.

also that the impeachment should only involve him (Maigari), but also all the entire members of the board.

“This act as a deterrent to all future chairmen of the association.

“We all know that Nigerian football is suffering, and there is the need for a reform in conformity to global trends so that we can move ahead,’’ the former Eagles striker said.

Maigari was impeached after a vote of eight to five by the 13-man NFA board Thursday.(NAN)[eap_ad_4]