Improper documentation denies tertiary institutions access to intervention funds-TETFund scribe

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Prof. Suleiman Bogoro, Executive Secretary of Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund)ABUJA – Prof. Suleiman Bogoro, Executive Secretary Tertiary Education Trust (TETFund), has identified improper documentation and problems associated with financial as the major reasons hindering tertiary institutions from accessing intervention funds

The executive secretary stated this on Sunday in Abuja in an interview with the News Agency Nigeria (NAN).

“In the past, TETFund observed with dismay the major problems associated with accessing funds is improper documentation and rendition financial returns.

“It is this problem necessitated the come up with a draft format on efficient and effective guidelines for , programmes and financial .

He said TETFund’ insistence on adherence the guidelines was posing a challenge for the institutions easily access funds.[eap_ad_2]

Borogo said TETFund was taking a look at the guidelines ease the hurdles for intervention funds without total disregard due process and laid down rules and regulations.

“It was in view of this TETFund recently held stakeholders’ interactive workshop and Town Hall Meetings in tertiary institutions across the six geo-political zones in the country.

He said the workshop helped in sensitising the stakeholders on the needful with the Public Procurement Act, owing to complaints about inability of beneficiaries of TETFund to comply with the act.

Bogoro expressed the commitment towards effective and efficient delivery of its , in keeping with the transformation agenda of .(NAN)[eap_ad_3]