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Impunity: Like PDP, Like APC, By Samuel Ajayi


ABUJA (Sundiata Post) The greatest undoing of PDP was IMPUNITY. The party simply thought it could get away with anything. Check these:

* In 2003, a state governor was kidnapped.

* In 2006, FIVE legislators impeached a governor on Plateau State. Same ‘feat’ was to be repeated in Oyo State.

* Amaechi won primaries in Rivers, Obasanjo gave it to Celestine Omehia.

* Something in Imo. Ararume won, Obasanjo gave it to another aspirant.

* Every known malfeasance was treated as family affair.

* Then you could get away with anything including corruption of the highest order.

Perhaps, it was because of these that people said enough was enough.

Now, it PAINS ME TO THE MARROW when those who condemned these things less than ten years ago are now rationalising them. In fact, same acts of impunity that we all cried about under PDP are now being justified.

Why then did we change? For change sake?

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