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In APC, Their Devil is Resident!


At the moment, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) is not a party to envy and that’s without a doubt. This position is evidenced by some of the recent happenings in the party, which seemed to have stymied any form of development or progress.

Although all the active political parties, including the fringe ones, have their respective devils that they are dealing with, expectedly, the devil in the APC is resident there, and it’s also why that devil has remained somewhat unculturable.

After securing multiple extensions just because it has boxed itself into an obnoxious corner, the caretaker leadership of the APC, which is currently living on extra time, is fast damaging the party and if care is not taken, might ultimately kill it.

Already, it is almost looking like the February 26, proposed date for the APC national convention is no longer feasible. This too is largely due to the fact that the caretaker committee is unwilling to yield power, and in just about a week to the exercise, there’s nothing on the ground to show that a ruling party is planning a convention, where it hopes to elect a new National Working Committee (NWC).

Of course, two things are believed to be stalling the convention. First, is the zoning arrangement, which it is yet to decide and two, is the choice of its next chairman, which of course, would be made easier after a sound zoning arrangement has been instituted. Those mulling consensus are not making a headway either.

With crises in many state chapters of the party, the controversial consensus option to choosing a national chairman, the troubled zoning debate and the already plagued national convention, whose date is likely to change again, the resident devil in APC is quite comfortable and dedicated to helping the party undo itself. Without a doubt, that devil is effectively in charge of the ruling party and would not stop until the deed is done!

Source: https://www.thisdaylive.com/index.php/2022/02/20/in-apc-their-devil-is-resident/

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