In-house security outfit detrimental to organisations – Civil Defence Corps

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ABUJA – The Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) on advised and against engaging the services of in- security guards, popularly known as “mai guard’’.

Mr David Akinbinu, the Spokesman of corps, FCT Command, told the News Agency of (NAN) that the in- security detrimental the and individuals that engaged services.

Akinbinu explained that in case of any eventuality, such individuals and would not be able trace the guards as they had no information about background.

He stressed the need for individuals and organisations in need of security guards consult the security corps for licenced security operatives ensure the of premises and property.

Akinbinu added that the licenced security operatives could be held responsible in case of any eventuality.[eap_ad_2]

“If private organisations decide to engage their services, it is at their own risk as the organisation will be held responsible in case of any disaster, crime or other default,’’ he said.

According to him, it is the of the security corps to ensure that hospitals, schools and other public and private institutions to engage the services of licenced private guards rather mai guards.

“Having an in- security operative is wrong, we call them ‘mai guard’, and if you are operating with this people, it is at your own risk.

“You are not helping yourself, or your , in case of any emergency, who will you hold liable, but in case of a licenced security operative, we will hold them liable when there is an incidence of theft.

“We discouraged the idea of mai guard because if there is any case of robbery, burglary, you will not be able to trace them because you are ignorant of their background,’’ he cautioned. (NAN)[eap_ad_3]