India announces new visa measure for Nigerians

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– The new Indian High to Nigeria, Amb. Ghanashyam Rangaiah, on Tuesday, announced new measures that would enable Nigerians obtain visas to India with ease.

Rangaiah told the News Agency Nigeria (NAN) , that the commission was working hard at making Nigerians to personally visit its website to their applications for .

The envoy therefore, urged Nigerians to desist from patronising agents and racketeers.

“We have decided that Nigerians wishing to visit India for any purpose should personally visit website to their applications.

“We now such applicants to personally, after applying website, come directly to the High Commission, without having to use agents or touts.


“We no longer Nigerians to wait for any facilitator or heavily to agents before getting visas to India,’’ he said.

Rangaiah also said that the commission would henceforth require Nigerian offered admissions Indian Colleges and Universities to present original copies their admission letters, before being issued visas.

The High said that the aim was to detect some young Nigerians who use such falsified admission letters to into India for “different things.’’

“Their admission letters have to now come to the High Commission directly from the Indian colleges and universities.

“That way, we will be able to detect any forged document from anybody seeking to India,’’ he added. (NAN)