Infrastructure at Nigerian prisons upgraded, says official

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– Mrs Catherine Ononye, Controller of Nigeria Prisons , Command, said on Thursday infrastructure at ’s prisons had been upgraded international standards. She said this in an interview News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at decoration of some newly- promoted and men of prisons at Alagbon, .

A total of 174 from Ogun and commands including 10 controllers were decorated on the occasion.

has improved the conditions of prisons in the country compared what was in the past.

“The inmates are being equipped so they can be relevant in the society after serving their terms,” Catherine said.

She said inmates were no longer subjected energy-sapping jobs such as breaking of rocks and construction of railroads among others.

According to the controller, prisons are now regarded as correction centres where inmates can be taught different kinds of vocations.

“We have moved from punishment to corrections, we equip them so where possible, they can be employed after leaving or serving their terms.

“The inmates undergo trainings such as sweeping, cutting of grass within the premises and domestic work which make them  better persons after serving their terms.”

On the promotions, Catherine said they were based on three criteria — performance of , passing promotion examinations and spending the prescribed number of years on a grade level.


She appealed to the officers not to their positions to intimidate junior ones.

She added:“They should show by example. To whom much is given, much is expected.

“Anybody who has been promoted should be ready to work even harder than before.”

The decorated controllers include Mrs Oluyemi Omotayo, Mr Tinuoye Olumide, Mrs Isioma Onwuli, Mrs Hellen Apanama and Mrs Tinuade Ladipo. (NAN)