Insecurity is hurting Nigeria’s economy – Prof. Ezigbo

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The managing director of Falcon Corporation Limited, Prof. Joseph Ezigbo, has said that insecurity is hurting the country’s economy, especially the and gas sector.

Ezigbo told Realnews in an exclusive in that anybody, who looks at Nigeria today knows that the country is in trouble.

“Most of the investors are worried that their investments are not safe, they are worried that their people are not safe and it’s hurting the economy. It hurts the country.

It is hurting our industry.

“The insecurity in the country, what it has done to our sector is to create fear, and when people are afraid and uncertain of tomorrow, nobody invest in that place and that’s what Nigeria is suffering at the moment.

“People should also realise that we act deliberately, out of our own volition allowing this sheep of a to slide down the hill without breaks. Because we are at the bottom. We don’t know,” he said.

According to him, there is no economy in the world that has taken the blow Nigeria is going through and survived.

“We have survived and we are surviving and I am hoping that better judgment should prevail.

“Again, hopefully, for the fact that God is a Nigerian, as far as I am concerned people say God is a Nigerian because there’s no reason why this country should be standing still.

“The sort of rocks that will great this incoming vehicle that is racing down the hill uncontrolled, no direction, it can be catastrophic. And I am hoping that a good sense would prevail because do we have people do we have engineers and mechanics that can help direct it? Of course, we do.

“Can we direct it? Yes, we can, but are they willing to in the direction to try and halt it? That is where the question is and I am hoping that good sense will prevail and that selfishness, personal aggrandisement, group interest will not derail our system because if that happens…We fought the war, I fought that war, so I know what war is like.

I fought in the Nigeria/Biafra war. I ended the war as a captain in the Biafran army and I saw the damages. It’s terrible. Only those who have not smelt war will fan the embers of war as they are doing at the moment, which is not in anybody’s interest; not in the interest of the Hausas; not in the interest of the Yorubas; not in the interest of the Igbos,” he stated.

He also stressed that the country should be watchful because the youths are angry.

“I just want to use the opportunity to say, I see the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, I see all the other people, nobody is looking for Biafra. But people are angry.

“They are expressing their anger and hoping in this expression that people will understand how they feel and realise that we can do things differently in the interest of entire Nigeria not a section of the country. And the sooner we do that the better because if we get there, even the that are spreading everywhere, creating more problems, and if it doesn’t stop, because we are pushing ourselves somewhere.

“What is going to happen, Somalia will be a child’s play,” Prof. Ezigbo said.

Source: Realnews