Insecurity killing businesses, increasing hardship – Economist

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An economist and CEO, The Address Properties Limited, Dr Simeon Nnakwe, has called on governments at all levels work on securing lives and property order boost the economy and attract foreign investments.

Nnakwe said that a situation where Nigerians can longer travel freely portend grave dangers and dissuade investors are adverse risk funds. He made the call at a farewell party organised honour former Assistant Inspector General Muhammad Inuwa Hafiz and former , Delta State, Adeleke Adeyinka Bode.

‘The other day, Benue State Samuel Ortom almost killed farm. In Anambra State, personell were slaughtered and a President General a community kidnapped and killed. All over the country, farmers can longer go farms because fear being kidnapped or killed. It is scary and cause shortage and serious hunger,’ he said.

Nnakwe said that the should be of great concern to all strata of governments and communities. ‘The world is facing challenges, doubt. But the Nigerian situation is made worse by the situation,’ he said. ‘Anambra State adjudged the safest state in the country but it is gradually sliding into an insecure state. in collaboration with agencies should act urgently to beef up the architecture in the state.

‘We all know that crime cannot be totally eradicated in any society, but it can be reduced to a tolerable degree. Unemployment needs to be reduced because it complicates matters too. An idle mind is devil’s workshop and a hungry is an angry .’

Nnakwe advised the youths to avoid lifestyles beyond means which lead to crime, saying that work should come before gratification. ‘There is dignity in labour. Idleness is one of the major causes of violence in the country.’

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