Insecurity: ‘Nigerians harbour too much hatred to handle guns’

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A former Publicity Secretary of the defunct National Party of Nigeria (NPN), Chief Abiola Ogundokun has opposed the recommendation that the government should allow individuals to bear guns to tackle insecurity in Nigeria.

Chief Ogundokun noted that government will create chaos if they licence individuals to bear guns.

The chief speaking in Iwo during 41st memorial prayer of father explained that Nigerians lack the discipline to handle guns, especially as the hatred towards one another in the society is unbearable.

He said to tackle insecurity appropriately in the country parents must nurture their children with appropriate values rather than emphasising materialism that usually forced them to want to cut corners to achieve success.

His words: “If everybody is licenced to carry gun many people will be killed. Both criminals and innocent people. Recently, they kidnapped boys in 334 boys in Kankara, Katsina State on a bike, that is a big conspiracy the state. We are not disciplined in this country, looks at USA and other developed countries where people are allowed to carry a gun, there is strict control against indiscriminate use and the leaders respect the rule of law, respect the police and obey the law. But here, criminals gang up with elites to unleash terror on the society.

“Even elites lack the appropriate temperament to carry a gun because once a misunderstanding occurs the next thing you will witness is that they will just roll out their gun and begin to kill one another.

“All of us the parent should run less after money but the quality upbringing of our children, it is a great community service. We should work and think of what we can do for the community.

“Parent must go back to the and turn themselves to a teacher and role model by instilling discipline in their wards so that everybody can be responsible. We must give ourselves to our God,” he said.

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