Insecurity remains a snag, but Buhari has done well on infrastructure, By Fredrick Nwabufo

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Is a oathed to only hunt for faults? Should he be impervious to hope, optimism and positivity or should he be amenable to fairness, truth and sanguinity – even if the facts are not harmony with public posture? It is customary here once you are branded a ‘’’’ of the government you are expected to only breathe fire like a dragon – ‘’see no good, speak no good; – just attack and attack’’.

This is the fallout out of militarised socialisation – a hangover of military-era opposition. During Nigeria’s military rule, scorched-earth activism/criticism the definitive approach to the government and rightly so. Down with the Kaiser! If you betray any emotion for the Kaiser, then you are a traitor who must be hanged ‘’comrade-style’’. 

I used to be guerrilla ; always hungry for an attack. And truly so, there were always reasons – good reasons. But I realised if you prime yourself for complaints and fault-finding, you will always have reasons. You only see what you want to see. This does not vitiate the very important task of holding the government to account. No!

Insecurity remains a detraction to the achievements of the Buhari administration. While most of us agree the performance of the government on has not been impressive, very few may want to acknowledge the fact President Buhari has made appreciable gains on infrastructure. 

The Buhari administration has done well on infrastructure. It is a leap from where we used to be. We can agree that remains a challenge but still acknowledge the good outcomes when we see them. At a time Nigeria fortuned by favourable crude oil prices – the past administration – funds for infrastructure were either diverted or frittered away. Contracts were awarded as a meal for political cronies. I am aware that the contract for a famous road Abuja awarded without a design – but funds were paid to the contractor who happens to be a cousin of the former president. That road abandoned afterwards. 

Let me get down to brass tacks. On rail, the 157km Lagos-Ibadan standard-gauge rail inaugurated today. The benefits of this infrastructure are immense. The project is a relief for those who ply the tortuous Lagos-Ibadan road. The 327km Itakpe-Warri standard-gauge rail completed and inaugurated 33 years after began. Abuja light rail was completed 2018. Financing negotiations for Ibadan-Kano standard-gauge rail project are also progress. 

Some road projects have been completed and more are in progress. Also, more than N360 worth of Sukuk Bonds was raised in 2017 for many crucial road projects across all the six geopolitical zones. New terminals for international airports in Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Port Harcourt were completed. The of new runways for Abuja and international airports was also completed. 

Yet it appears insecurity is eclipsing the achievements of the Buhari administration in this area. The basic of any government is to protect lives and . We can only ride on the train and use the if we are alive. In fact, road trips have become an attempt at self-. The are gravely unsafe. comes first in the hierarchy of needs. It is the nucleus. 

The Buhari administration must do well to address insecurity – for its own reckoning. Any achievement it records in other sectors will be obviated and dampened by daily episodes of and kidnappings. 

The administration will be cheered and applauded by more Nigerians for its achievements when it saves Nigeria from the grim reaper rampaging everywhere in the country. 

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