Insecurity:Killer herdsmen not Fulanis living with us for years – Sen Fadahunsi 

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By Chibuike Nwabuko

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – Federal lawmaker representing Osun East Senatorial District, Sen Francis Fadahunsi has said that the merciless herdsmen carrying AK-47 that is killing people across the country are not the Hausa Fulani that have been living with for years.

“The Fulani that have been living with us for the past 100 years have not been killing people”, he said while fielding questions from newsmen in his office.

“There is a norm, there is culture and if a stranger does not abide with your culture, he becomes an intruder. In it is a criminal offence. In the whole South West today, we cannot do what these people are doing in the bush. They are not the Hausa Fulani people. What is ravaging the south now are not Fulani from Nigeria. The Fulani that have been living with us for the past 100 years have not been killing people.”

buttress his point that the are foreigners, the Osun Senator said they don’t know who is APC or PDP. They don’t know who is Muslim or Christian. They even kill, look at what is happening in Zamfara. Don’t they have Fulani there? In Kaduna they are destroying their farm the only thing is that they haves sympathy for them because they are of same colour, tribe and the same fulfugi language.

“Our own Fulani people stay with us, they marry us we marry them. Go to Owo you will see a lot of Fulanis there, in Osogbo my state capital you see their leaders speaking Yoruba – they don’t have any other language. So those hoodlums just came to allow the indigenes hit their head against the innocent Fulani and Hausa so that there will be war, that is what they wanted to cause and run away”. But now that’s we have already agreed that we have problems on our hands, automatically they should leave.

Senator Fadahunsi lamented that there is another trouble rearing it’s ugly head in the South West. According to him, the Zamfara illegal miners have moved to osun, destroying the land and when they don’t have anywhere again to till or mine gold, they will go the road and comit . That is the problem we are having

Fadahunsi also called on the federal government to ban open grazing. He commended the Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje for agreeing with South West governors that ranching is the way to go.

He said that this is the best time for the restructuring of the country.

According to him, “we should go back to so that federal government will have less to contend with. That has been my position and God so kind we have been tinting towards true federalism”.