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Institute develops solar-powered smoking kiln for fish


LAGOS – The Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research (NIOMR) has developed a solar-powered smoking kiln for fish, according to Dr Mabel Iyarere, Head of Extension of the institute.

Iyarere told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at the 2014 edition of AgrikExpo in Lagos on Wednesday that the technology was designed to reduce stress associated with smoking fish locally with charcoal.

“The smoking kiln is made to reduce the stress women go through while smoking fish manually. With this machine, within four hours, the fish is smoked evenly.

“The moisture content level is just 0.5 per cent and the shelf life is three months.

“It is particularly good for those who like golden brown colour because it comes out well and is not dark black as with charcoal.

According to her the equipment cost effective.

Iyabere said that the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) supported the technology by providing funds to produce the kiln in commercial quantity.

“The FAO has provided funds for the institute to produce this solar smoking kiln in commercial quantity after seeing its effectiveness.

“They are to be supplied to fishing communities in coastal states to minimize post-harvest losses, instead of them throwing away their excesses.”

Iyarere also told NAN that states like Cross River, Bayelsa, Rivers and Lagos were now embracing the technology.

She said that canned catfish produced by students of the institute were also exhibited at the fair. (NAN

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