Insurgency: Archbishop urges Nigerians to seek God’s intervention

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ABUJA – The Methodist Archbishop of  Abuja, Most Rev. Joseph Oche-Job, has urged Nigerians to continuously seek God’s intervention in their wish to see the end of prevailing insurgency in the country.

Oche-Job made the appeal in an interview with newsmen on Sunday shortly after inducting Very Rev. Jacob Bamidele, as the Presbyter/Administrator of the Methodist Church of Abuja.

He expressed worry over the unabated acts of terrorism in the country, especially in the northern parts, but said that with “God’s intervention, the attacks will be brought to an end.”

“I am worried; I have always been worried that the nation should experience this kind of bomb attacks.

“But, I still believe that God, in his infinite mercy and for the sake of His people, will shorten the days of our troubles.

“God will bring remedy to the situation in a very short time,” he said.

“For now, Nigerians should bear, knowing that when a nation experiences terrorist phenomenon, it is not just something that you can stop in a twinkle of an eye’’, he added.

Oche-Job advised the people to be patient while praying over the issue, saying that patience was necessary because the terrorists took time to plan the havoc they were currently unleashing on the nation.


“So, we cannot just expect it to end the way we think’’, he said, adding that it took the civilised and developed countries, which had experienced terrorism, time to overcome it.

He said, “for example, it took Ireland, which experienced terrorism in the 1980s, a long time to overcome it.

“Today, there is peace in Ireland; so, we are praying that one day, we shall say that terrorism was in Nigeria.” (NAN)