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Investigation into UN, AU Operations in Darfur reveals no evidence of alleged cover-up of crimes- UN Spokesman


NEW YORK – The Review Team initiated by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to investigate the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID), did not find any evidence to support allegations that there were “intentional cover up” crimes against civilians and peacekeepers.

Ban’s Spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, in a statement released in New York on Wednesday, stated that the team examined all the materials relating to 16 alleged incidents.

DuJarric said that the team interviewed former and current staff in UNAMID and at UN Headquarters.

However, he said, the team found `a tendency to under-report’ unless absolutely certain of the facts.

In five of the cases examined, he said, the Mission did not provide UN Headquarters with full reports on the circumstances surrounding these incidents, which involved possible wrongdoing by government or pro-government forces.

The Review Team, he said, also found that the Mission took an unduly conservative approach to the media, maintaining silence when it could have developed a press line, even in the absence of all the facts.

The Secretary-General, DuJarric said, was deeply troubled by those findings.

He said the UN Chief recognisds that UNAMID faced unique challenges owing to its complex mandate and operating environment, nevertheless, keeping silent or under-reporting on incidents involving human rights violations and threats or attacks on UN peacekeepers could not be condoned under any circumstances.

DuJarric said the Secretary-General would take all necessary steps to ensure full and accurate reporting by UNAMID.

“Every effort will be made to ensure that sensitive information is systematically brought to the attention of UN Headquarters and the Security Council in a timely fashion.

“UNAMID’s media policy will be re-examined to ensure greater openness and transparency.

“The Mission will be expected to follow up formally and report on government investigations into incidents where peacekeepers have been killed or injured,” he said.

He said that Ki-Moon would ensure that the UN spoke out consistently against abuses and identify the perpetrators up front.

‘`The Secretary-General will ensure that all missions are provided with clear guidance on the fulfilment of their reporting obligations, particularly with regard to human rights and the protection of civilians.

“He looks forward to the upcoming review of UN peace operations as an opportunity to comprehensively address this issue, which is a core element of his Human Rights up Front initiative,” DuJarric said.(NAN)

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