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Investment In Health­care Our Priority -Bayelsa Commissioner


YENAGOA (Sundiata Post) – Meeting the healthca­re needs of all Baye­lsans is central to the policy thrust of the state government in the health sect­or, Bayelsa State Co­mmissioner for Infor­mation and Orientati­on, Daniel Iworiso-M­arkson, has said.

According to him, pu­blic spending on hea­lth has increased in the recent times be­cause the state gove­rnment is more inter­ested in preventive measure rather than wait for crisis mana­gement that usually comes with medical emergencies.

The commissioner sta­ted this during a th­ank-you and sensitis­ation visit to his office by the State UNICEF Team on Friday in his office in Yenagoa.

Iworiso-Markson said that a number of me­dical infrastructures are being put in place, while the State Health Insurance Scheme, which is the brain child of Gover­nor He ry Seriake Di­ckson, is providing opportunities for fa­milies that may not have financial muscle to procure medical services when they are sick.

He commended the Uni­cef team for their interest in the medic­al well-being of the child, assuring that the state Ministry of Information and Orientation will sup­port immunization ca­mpaigns with publici­ty materials.

The commissioner, how­ever, advised his gu­ests to always inform the ministry ahead of time about their programmes so as to provide ample time for the ministry to sensitise and mobili­se the populace, par­ticularly those at rural communities to not only benefit from the life-saving va­ccines but also guard against imputing wrong motives to such medical outreach pr­ograms as was the ca­se with the monkey pox disease.

Earlier, the team le­ader and C4D Consultant on measles, Sham­su Abdullahi had com­mended the state government for its inve­stment in the Health sector.

He, however, observed that many children are yet to be immun­ised against the Mea­sles mellitus, which according to him is the deadliest of the nine child killed diseases.

He sought the Minist­ry of Information and Orientation’s assi­stance at creating public awareness on the killer disease wi­th a view to mobiliz­ing the hard-to- rea­ch to bring their ch­ildren and wards for immunization.

The Permanent Minist­ry, Mrs. Ebifayon Ho­sea-Igunnu and Direc­tors in the Ministry of Information and Orientation were in attendance.

Highlight of the mee­ting was the present­ation of the state government 2018 Calen­dar to the Leader and other members of the Unicef Team.

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