INWOAD expresses shock over killing of #EndSARS protesters, urges Buhari to restrain military

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ABUJA (Sundiata Post) – A non-governmental organisation, the for Women Accelerated Development in Africa (INWOAD), has expressed shock at the killing of unarmed #EndSARS protesters at Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos on Tuesday.

In a statement sent Sundiata Post on Wednesday by Evelyn Onyilo, founder/, the group called on Muhammadu Buhari call the security forces order.

The full statement reads:

“The for Women’s Accelerated Development in Africa, INWOAD received with rude shock, trepidation and horror the shooting and killing of #ENDSARS unarmed peaceful protesters at the Lekki Tollgate, Lagos, Nigeria on Tuesday 20th October 2020. Indeed it was a black Tuesday for all well meaning Nigerians see their vibrant patriotic youth wasted in such a ruthless manner.

INWOAD hereby vehemently condemns the brutal use of force by the military in an otherwise peaceful protest by citizens were demanding for a better Nigeria where the rights of the people are protected.
“We mourn the untimely of these gallant young Nigerians cut down in their prime. It is a shame on our Country and leaders as they have failed woefully to protect their own.

“INWOAD demands that the Muhammadu Buhari and his high military command immediately call its men to order by stopping , maiming and harassment of Nigerians in general and our youths in particular. Enough of the bloodshed and killing of innocent citizens.
“We demand that Muhammadu Buhari must put in place mechanisms for with the protesters; a basic principle of true while adequate compensations be made to families of those lost their lives and those .

“The President address the nation as a matter of urgency and apologise to Nigerians and indeed the world for the undemocratic and unfortunate use of force by the military of which about 49 protesters are reported to have been nationwide.
“As mothers, we are tired of losing our . Enough is enough.
“INWOAD sympathises with the families of our slain patriotic youths and all lost their lives. May God comfort them and grant them the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.
“May the souls of our slain young heroes and heroines rest in peace and may their and not be in vain. Their blood cry for justice, equality, fairness and a reawakenining for a better Nigeria.
“God bless our gallant youths!
“God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”