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IPCR, Film Industry sign MoU on peace building


By Edward Ojiah

Abuja – Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Nigerian Film Industry to promote peace.

The MoU was signed today in Abuja by Acting Director-General IPCR Bakut Bakut and renowned actor and Chairman of Centre for change and community development, Zac Amata.

Bakut said the essence of the partnership was to achieve peace through great initiatives and partnerships.

He reiterated that partnerships involving different sectors would bring different ideas together thereby exposing what Africa had to offer in other to ensure that peace was restored in the society.

“We have many talents and resources across Africa, this partnership will enable talented Nigerians especially the youth to harness these resources we have in Africa.

“If the youth are well engaged, the high rate of conflict will potentially reduce, that is the essence of this agreement with Nollywood,” he explained.

Bakut assured the film industry led by Amata that the Institute would corporate with its members to achieve the purpose.

According to Amata the bigger picture is peace building together as one nation.

While adding that people were dying as a result of lack of understanding and ignorance the veteran actor hinted on the release of a short film to promote peace and understanding.

“A lot of people are dying because  of ignorance.

“The Muslims, the Christians, Indigenes and others are dying because of lack of understanding.

“When we come together,  we can build peace.

“We have started a short film, for it to make impact we have to put it in the TV,” he said.

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