Iran confirms explosion at launch site, but says satellite intact

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Tehran – on Monday confirmed that an explosion had taken place at its launch site in central Semnan, but said the accident has nothing to do with the start of its communications satellite.
Government spokesman, Ali Rabiei, added that no one had been killed in the explosion, based on government portal Pad Dolat.
Earlier, private U.S. satellite operators first reported spotting the explosion, which was said to have destroyed the rocket that was supposed to carry the Nahid-1 communications satellite into space.
On Saturday, Iran invited reporters to the space centre in Tehran to assure them that the communications satellite was still intact.
However, after two failed attempts, Iran was planning a new satellite launch for late September. Tehran says the satellite will gather data on weather and agriculture and not for military purposes.
U.S. President Donald Trump, tweeted a picture of the apparent damage at the site and denied there was any U.S. involvement.
Meanwhile, the U.S. and Israel have expressed criticism over Iran’s desire to launch the satellite, fearing that Tehran could use the technology to build long-distance rockets for military purposes.(dpa/NAN)