Iran to execute man for spying for CIA- Judiciary

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Dubai – semi-official Fars news agency Tuesday said a man sentenced death Iran for spying for CIA and attempting pass about Tehran’s nuclear would be executed soon.

Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili said another case, two working for a charity were sentenced 10 years prison for spying and five years prison for acting against security similar charges.

“Amir Rahimpour who a CIA spy and got big and tried to present part of Iran’s nuclear to American service had been tried and sentenced to death and recently upheld his sentence.

“He will see the consequences of his action soon, (referring to the individual facing capital punishment).’’

Esmaili did provide any additional about the nationality of the convicted individuals working for a charity.

Iran does recognise dual nationality and the judiciary prosecutes dual nationals as Iranian citizens.

Earlier, Iran announced it had broken up a CIA spy ring of 17 individuals and that some had been sentenced to death.

The CIA did immediately comment Esmaili’s remarks.

U.S. President tweeted after the announcement last summer, `the Report of Iran capturing CIA spies is totally false. Zero truth.’’

Tensions have increased between Tehran and Washington since the U.S. killed Iranian Qassem Soleimani.

Soleimani killed in a drone strike in Baghdad on Jan. 3, prompting the Islamic Republic to retaliate a missile strike against a U.S. base in Iraq.

Esmaili said at a news conference that names of the individuals working for the charity would not be released yet because the sentence had not been