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Iran Vs America Tension: Trump Replies Femi Fani Kayode Tweet


Femi Fani Kayode the former minister under the Jonathan government is not new to controversies and making headline .

He has been very vocal in the defence of the Church, Christianity and Israel.

Recently he tweeted in support of the attack carried out by the US army that killed the Iranian General.

He maintained that the late General was a supporter of terrorism that hate Americans and Christians therefore deserved what he got.

President replied him and it has gotten many retweet and tags which has created many threads online where people with different view of the situation banter.

Many people are feeling that he should be careful because Nigeria has many Islamic terrorist and terror supporters who can harm him for supporting the Generals death and his Christian faith openly.

While some people feel that it’s time to let the world know what is happening in Nigeria. That Christians have suffered unending deadly attacks Muslim terrorist therefore an intervention is needed from world powers since the government is almost incapacitated.

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